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    Trying to FIX ???

      Everytime I get on my computer Mcafee has its icon at the bottom and keeps downloading and downloading forever It did firewall and now virusscan is 25 but before it went to 100 and now it started again It slows down my computer a whole lot when will it stop.
      I clicked on Mcafee security and the home say Am I protected No click fix I clicked fix but this keeps going and going
      It says The detection signature file is more than 30 days old. In Blue it says Fixing your protection items.
      When will this stop
      I am not able to do anything else without it taking forever.
      I downloaded Virtual Tec. but it still says that I dont have that either.
      I just want this icon to stop and my problem whatever it is to be fixed. HELP
      The icon has been running now for 6 hours and its on virus scan 40 % complete.
      What can I do to fix and stop this.. I am a dial up connection so its pretty slow as it is but with this icon scanning thing going its unbearably SLOW to a crawl... Help Please..
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          Pleas clarify,
          What is the version of operating system you use (Vista / XP)?
          Did you receive any kind of alert/advertisements or pop-ups in the computer?
          Post the DAT version and Engine version of McAfee Virus scan (Open Security center-click on about in the Right hand bottom panel-check the Build version and DAT version for McAfee Virus scan)?
          Try to end the task for McAfee update exe under the Task Manager.(CTRL+ALT+Delete)
          Delete the Update folder and restart
          1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\MSC.
          2. Right-click the Update folder and select Delete.
          3. Restart the computer.
          • 2. Fix it ????
            I have XP operating system.
            My Version is 8.1.. last updated 9/15/08
            My Dat version is 5420.0000 last updated 5/24/09
            personal firewall is 9.1 last update 6/6/08

            No.. I have not had any pop ups .. I just have the icon on the bottom that is from McAfee
            that brings me to the security page which then says ..
            Am I protected? NO
            So lasy weeek I clicked Fix it and it never stops downloading virus scan..
            It also says ( The detection signature file is more than 30 days old... In Blue letters it says... Fixing your protection items...
            This has been going for a week now and it never gets done it just keeps starting up again and again..
            I did the steps you wrote here and deleted the update folder and restarted computer but then it just started downloading all over again.. It won't stop...
            Its driving me crazy...
            • 3. fix it  help again Bala
              Hi again,
              I thought the Update folder was deleted but now that I am back on I went to C file again and the update folder is still there. When I try to delete it ..It says ...CANNOT delete MCS. It is being used by another person or program..
              Close any programs that might be using the file and try again... Well the icon is still downloading I guess thats who is still on...

              What to do ???
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                Please try the following steps and update us
                Ping the Downlaod.mcafee.com and post the IP address you get (Start-Run-type CMD- ping download.mcafee.com)
                Download the tool from: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MSCPRXFIX.exe.
                Double-click MSCPRXFIX.exe.
                After running the tool, restart the computer. To check for updates, right-click the M icon in the system tray and select Updates.
                Perform the McAfee Virtual Technician in both computer and post the session ID http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp
                • 5. Bala.. Fix it
                  I did all that you just said and ran the Virtual Tech. The session ID 18539336
                  One Problem it said it fixed...
                  DAT out of date.

                  Nothing has changed.. sad
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                    Check if you are using proxy connection for the internet (Open internet Explorer-click tools-internet option-click on connection tab- click on LAN setting- make sure use proxy connection is unchecked)
                    If the issue persists I would also recommend you to check with a McAfee technical support chat department for further trouble shooting steps http://service.mcafee.com/ServiceSel...S&pt=1&st=CHAT
                    • 7. help
                      No I am not using a proxy connection ..

                      How do I find if there are any other replys to this question I posted ?? I am new to this forum...
                      Thank You, Penny