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    Security Center

      After installing the latest security center bundle the program(s) cause the Windows Defender service to stop. Is this intentional of the program(s)?

      Also it's notifed me a couple of time that I'm not protected, after selecting FIX all is well. However, I haven't made any changes why would I continually have to do this?
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          Peter M
          Installation of McAfee disables Windows Defender. Officially it should remain that way, but in practice I have found that it's fine to restart WD.

          Recently updates have periodically caused the unprotected pop-up in McAfee, but if the fix option works then don't worry about it. If the fix doesn't work then try rebooting and hopefully it will be OK.

          It's a known bug with no end in sight thus far, sorry.
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            Nice quick response. Thanks.

            I started the windows Defender service manually and on every reboot you have to do it again.

            Not worth the trouble.

            Thanks Again!
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              Peter M
              You shouldn't have to start it up every time you boot, I don't. Check in services.msc that it is Started & Automatic.