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    Rampant Internet Connection Unavailable

      Good Afternoon,

      I have a custom PC with abundant RAM running Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium, connected to the internet via AT&T DSL. I've have McAfee Secuirty Center for several months now, and just recently it has been unable to update its definitions.


      I've followed every "solution" for this problem present on these forums. No dice. I disabled every form of anything blocking anything. I messed with the folders. I toyed with the registry. I renamed the DAT files.

      Eventually I followed some forum advice and uninstalled everything and ran the MCPR tool. Now, I can't re-install because when I try to run the downloader it reads:

      "Internet Connection Unavailable"

      "We can't dowload your McAfee software because we're having trouble accessing the Internet. Please make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and then try again."

      Now, this problem, from reading the forums, seems to be pretty rampant and I'm surprised McAfee hasn't addressed this directly. I have never had Norton on this machine, nor an older version of McAfee. I have uninstalled every other security program and disabled Windows Firewall to see if they were blocking. Alas, to no avail.

      The funny thing is, I never had this problem when Comcast provided my internet, so I was thinking AT&T may be the point of failure, but they said it wasn't them and referred me back to McAfee...

      Someone with real networking expertise... please help.