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    Adobe Flex (Flash) on IE with McAffee slow load.

      We are Software Company, and we are preparing to deploy Flex (Adobe Flash base) application.
      With our user base we discovered that if McAffee is being installed on user machine there is significant slowdown on loading swf file in IE6 or IE7 (FireFox is fine). It is getting even worse when the same instance of the browser is used to launch another instance of the app (for example in the new tab of IE7)

      Any advise?

      I just tested it on Pentium 4, 2.8GHr, Windows XP, The most recent McAfee Security Center.
      The main symptom is there is increasing lag between response from the server and Flash Player starts initialization. This is even more annoying since the server is responding with 304 header - to use the browser cache, so there is less network traffic happening, but it takes longer and longer to launch it.
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