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    It won't restore

      I enjoy playing online games (such as maplestory and some private servers of it :p)null but ever since around a week ago, McAfee scanned by itself. I haven't been able to download the client for the games to work sad They always worked before. I found them in the restore part of the McAfee Securite Center part. Everytime I clicked restore, when I went to the location where they were they would appear for a split second (enough time to read the filename) then they would disappear again sad Why does the restore not work?

      It says PWS-OnlineGames.eg (Trojan) but even the one i've been playing for around 3mnths now claims to have this Virus. :confused:
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          The removed file may be a really infected one, so disable the McAfee Virus Protection have the program download and just to confirm whether it’s an infection please login to http://webimmune.net/default.asp by registering with your email address and password.

          Upload the specific file of the program that’s get deleted by McAfee and send us the submission ID number.