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    McAffe pups up "Not protected"

      Hello all
      I have this problem since March 20 with my VirusScan Plus 2009 that i installed in November last year Version 13.3.127
      Every time it updates the DAT files, it keeps telling me that i'm not protected.
      When i open Security Center, My Computer and E-mial scanner is disable.
      at first i click on fix the problem but on another time i waited and it came back by itself after less than 1 minute.
      In my event viewer under application, i have error reports for McLogEvent and telling me the following:
      a thread from the process C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\VIRUSS~1\mcshield.exe took more than 90000 ms to do a request.
      Process will stop. thread*ID: 2632 (0xa48)
      Adresse thread*: 0x7C91E4F4
      After less than 1 minute, it reports as started and running.
      I uninstalled, used the removal tool and reinstalled and it keeps doing the same every 2-3 days.
      My account is activated and i'm up to date in everything.
      My computer is under XP home sp3

      I'll be glad to find what is causing this because i have at least 3 other friends with VS 2009 with the same problem since about the same time.
      Thanks in advance!