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    McAfee VirusScan Plus installer problem

      Hi all.
      I have a computer with Windows Vista Home Premium (32b), with SP1.
      It had Mcafee VirusScan Plus installed but it needed to renew the subscription.
      I renewed it through my account and then downloaded the DMSetup.exe file.
      When I tried to install it, it would show me a screen with the progress bar and then it went completely blank and made a sound like a browser refreshing automatically.
      I tried to let it work for a while to see if it does something, but it just goes on forever...

      I thought it could be caused by the already installed version of McAfee so I uninstalled it. So now I have a computer with no anti-virus protection and I can't install McAfee. I tried inserting this on the console in admin mode

      regsvr32 jscript.dll
      regsvr32 vbscript.dll

      and also tried to download this: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/IERegFix.bat and it gives me an error (or at least I think it's an error) "2 not expected"

      after all this McAfee still doesn't install.

      Please help.
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          Solved! You can close this thread.
          I tried everything, rebooting, etc. Than I just gave up and turned off the laptop.
          After a while I turned the laptop back on and just tried it again just one more time to see if it works and it did!
          • 2. security center won't install
            i had security center for three years, and i liked it. Got amessage that i needed to reinstall so i deleted then attempted reinstall, program stopped at"checking compatibility". just sat there not doing much at all. i contacted McAfee about it, they sent me everywhere and emailed bunches of links, but nothing has worked, and worse, one of the McAfee techs said that i wasn't entitled to help because i didn't contact them within 30 days of renewal. Now i am paid up till 2010, so i think i'm entitled, anybody know how to fix this?, Btw, i used the mcpr program, but that din help either.:mad:
            • 3. RE: security center won't install
              Vinod R

              Please include more details...

              the operating system ,service pack , RAM ... make of the computer....

              The product that you are trying to install and was it direct McAfee or through Comcast or Dell or any partner etc.....

              More the information we get easier it would for us to figure out what is happening on your machine and suggest a solution happy
              • 4. security center won't install#2
                operating system::::microsoft xp media edition
                service pak::::? 6.0 i think
                ram:::2 gigabytes
                make and model:::Dell demension-e510
                product:::<Mcafee security center
                attempted load throu security.McAfee.com website
                • 5. post script to "security center won't load"
                  not really sure how to identify service pack, please advise
                  • 6. found the service pak
                    ok got the info
                    microsoft xp, media center edition, version 2002, service pak 3, pentium 4 processor3ghz.1.99gigs ram,Dell dimension E510,