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    Unable to Install

      I have a new Dell Studio 1537 and when the recommended McAfee software ran out, I renewed my subscription for Security Center for 1yr. But I am unable to download/install from internet using dsl. I get various error messages: mchost.exe, mccoreps.dll, mcevtbrk.dll, mcvsshld.exe, mcagent.exe, mcore.inf

      My computer: Intel Core 2 DuoT6400; Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium 64 bit edition

      Was online with a tech last night which ended unsucessfully. Here's what he had me do:

      1.Did preinstall tool
      2.deleted browser history
      3.checked security levels
      4.made some changes to internet explorer
      5. ran a tool: ....cust_support_patches/dsfix.bat
      6. reinstall in safe mode with networking

      Nothing worked. Any ideas?