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    Computer not protected/cannot access Security Ctr

      There is a yellow exclamation point on my system try M; rollover says "your computer is not protected"; when I click to open the Security Ctr, I get this error: "One of your McAfee programs has been updated or installed. You must restart your computer before you can use SecurityCenter."

      I've run VT Session ID: 17843001 and it indicates there is no problem.

      I've deleted the Hackware local; restarted the computer; made sure the System Guard is working; and still no solution.

      I've tried the uninstall/reinstall with MCPR; followed all directions and still no solution.

      I can't open the security center, so I don't know what version I'm using.

      System info: Windows Vista Ultimate; 32-bit; SP-1; 2GB