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    Super dat for mcafee total protection 2009

      hi everyone. i would really love to know if i can update my mcafee total protection 2009 for home and home office offline using super dat or any dat file types. i dont have broadband at home, i use gprs connection with my motorola phone but this chews up my air time terribly. i however have access to fast internet at work. so i want to download the updates from there and then install them at home, offline. please assist.

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          Peter M
          Unfortunately no longer. It was that way about 3 versions (years) ago but now they only work with the Enterprise (Corporate) versions which are supported HERE.

          You must have access to the internet for each machine with the home applications installed.

          You can turn off the automatic updating and search manually or have Security Center alert you when they are available which I can post instructions for if you wish.

          Updates are daily, sometimes more often.
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            The first update will be large and slow. Future updates for DATs within 30 days of your current DATs will only download compressed micro-patch DAT files. These files are usually 50-300KB (much smaller than the 100,000KB+ superdat).

            If you are a technical user, you could manually update from a SuperDAT or XDAT (if you already have the latest Engine 5300/5301). This would involve extracting the DAT files (/e <dir>) and placing them wherever your DATs should be. You may also need to make changes to the registry (HKLM\Software\McAfee\AVEngine). Of course while you do this, the on access scanner must be stopped.

            If all this sounds too technical or too much work, you may want to do the install and update overnight!
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              Peter M
              We were assured by McAfee Tech. Support that the consumer products cannot be updated this way. The "Total Protection For Small Business" product isn't supported in these forums anyway as per THIS sticky.
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                THIS is not too technical, i just need to know the method of extraction and what change to make in registry.
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                  Peter M
                  If you are posting about Total Protection For Small Business products we can't help you here for contractual reasons. Help links are in my post above or here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=217972

                  If you are posting about home/consumer products, this method can't be used anyway, so you can ignore that post. They can only be updated through the security center interface itself.
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                    I've already provided as much information as I can. As Ex_Brit has been saying, there seems to be a support policy where *business users are given access to McAfee's support directly. This is where you need to go. Feel free to ask them about the manual update.
                    • 7. Manual update a MUST!
                      This is completely unacceptable.

                      I too want to download an update for McAfee Secuirty center ver 9 for 3 PC home use only once.

                      My service provider charges me for downloads and each one takes around 50Meg, I dont buy that incremental update nonsense, it has never been a small file and there are updates practically every second day.

                      3 x 50Meg x 12 or 15 days per month = 1.8 to 2.3Gig per month which is SUCH A WASTE of Bandwidth.

                      Common McAfee, make those DAT files for 3 PC Secuirty Center for home available as a manual download, its the right thing to do!
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                        Peter M
                        That policy wont change I'm sorry. The Enterprise products work differently and those SDAT files are designed specifically for those products which have a different method of deployment.

                        They will never make it possible for a good reason. The VirusScan updates occur daily, sometimes twice daily, and people would hardy be likely to manually download updates at that rate.

                        If you don't like the policy then contact Customer Service, linked second from left at the top of this page and speak to them about either a different product or a refund.

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                          Again, there are ways to manually update the DAT (and engine if needed) files, but this usually takes much more advanced manual installation steps by the system administrator (you). There is nothing to stop you from downloading or even copying the DAT from one updated computer and placing them on another computer. Unfortunately, because of the security built into the product, most users will find it difficult/impossible to put those new DATs/Engine on a computer running McAfee VirusScan already.

                          Incremental DATs are here to stay and work. Pretty much every antivirus software now uses that kind of technology as the DAT sizes have increased. The output DAT files are identical to the ones downloaded as a full set.

                          If the current compressed DATS are about 52MB, each of the internet connected machines would need to download the compressed incremental changes that usually range from 50-200k (perhaps the size of data downloaded from a web page with a few graphics). A fresh install or extremely outdated (30 days +) product will download the full 50MB+ DAT but otherwise, mini DAT updates are used. Below are the sizes for the last 8 micro updates for the current DAT (5691, July 28, 2009)

                          56835684avv.gem 90k
                          56845685avv.gem 1k
                          56855686avv.gem 94k
                          56865687avv.gem 164k
                          56875688avv.gem 136k
                          56885689avv.gem 298k
                          56895690avv.gem 48k
                          56905691avv.gem 81k
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