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    'Verify your subscription' every day

      It seems a lot of people have been having this problem so I'll add another thread to hopefully bring more attention to this pretty serious issue.

      Basically every day around 18:00 GMT, just after it has automatically updated, a message box appears in the lower right corner of my screen telling me to verify my subscription. I click it, it takes me to the SecurityCenter, I click the 'Verify your subscription now' link, and it verifies successfully.

      Also when I log into my online account I am shown a message saying "Please be aware that Subscription 2 of your McAfee VirusScan Plus expired on 31/07/2008." I'm not sure exactly what this is referring to, the VirusScan installed on my computer still works after I verify it and it doesn't expire until July.

      As it seems this problem still hasn't been resolved after numerous complaints I won't hang around long to wait for an answer, but if the problem isn't resolved by next week then I will be forced to cancel my subscription and go to another virus protection company. I would rather not do this as I have been very happy with McAfee up to now but this is a problem that I'm not prepared to put up with.

      I'm running Windows XP Home Edition SP3 with SecurityCenter 9.3.

        • 1. Verify your Subscription
          I have the same problem, I'm asked everyday to verify my subscription. I'm curious if I'm not around for a few days to verify will I just not be protected?
          • 2. RE: Verify your Subscription
            Woohoo I am getting the same request to verify my account. How do I get rid of this request?
            • 3. hi all..
              "verify your subscription" message can usually be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling mcafee(that is, of course if your subscription is still active) by using the mcafee removal tool.

              mcafee removal tool: click here

              **this message usually comes up if you had a previous version of mcafee on the computer that you didn't remove when you installed a new version..

              hope that this could help you fix the problem..:)

              if not, try contacting mcafee customer service by clicking the link on the upper part of this page, next to technical support..:)
              • 4. It's back again.....

                I had this issue a couple of months ago and tech support had me do the whole removal and reinstall bit. Ugh...it's doing it again. Now what? Do I really need to reinstall every few weeks? I'll have to do like the post above and go with a different AV software because that's a serious pain and the software costs too much to need to be babysat. I'd like to know if I'm still protected while this error is up as well because I can be away from my puter for quite a while at times. :rolleyes:
                • 5. RE: It's back again.....
                  Don't bother uninstalling using the removal tool and reinstalling. I've seen a lot of people try this before, I did it myself, and it doesn't help. I also spoke to customer service and they just said the same thing, use the remove tool and reinstall. It seems more and more people are getting this problem, McAfee should seriously prioritize getting it sorted out if they don't want people leaving them.

                  Also I found a temporary fix. It seems that it only asks you to verify your account after it has updated, which is does every day. So I just turned off automatic updates, and I haven't had the message since. I'll just do a manual update once a week from now until they fix the problem.
                  • 6. RE: It's back again.....
                    Vinod R

                    could you check and see if the C drive has compression enabled on it?

                    Do you have by any chances any other anti-virus application installed on the machine?
                    • 7. RE: It's back again.....
                      My C drive doesn't have compression enabled, and I've never had any other anti-virus software on this pc. I had SpyBot, but it asked me to uninstall it when I re-installed McAfee, so I don't even have that anymore.
                      • 8. RE: It's back again.....
                        I am in the exact same situation as JorjEade. XP, uninstall/reinstall several times, daily "verify" error... My subscription does not expire until 2010. This has been going on for several months and needs to get resolved. I'm willing to work with support/dev to troubleshoot the issue but if this is not attended to I will move to another provider.

                        I also need to know if the error disables the program. I have another subscription for my mother. She does not have the tech savvy to manage the babysitting of the app. If protection is disabled on her system I am going to be in a world of hurt fixing it.
                        • 9. RE: It's back again.....

                          You might want to try disabling automatic updates in SecurityCenter to see if that gets rid of the message. I did this a few days ago and I haven't had the message since, it just means you'll have to do a manual update occasionally.
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