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    Unable to update

      I'm unable to update my McAfee. I switched from dial-up to fiber optic cable and thats when the problem started. I've done the virtual tech, went to chat help 3 times and have done a dozen things including uninstall/reinstall with no help. I keep getting DAT out of date and follow the instructions to fix with no go. I can't talk to anybody and if McAfee can't fix this they are the next to go. Thanks for any help. Don.
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          Have you used the MCPR tool plus special instructions (can be found on this forum) to uninstall ? If not, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling again.

          You could also try:

          If that doesn't work you need someone with a lot of inside knowledge of McAfee. While this forum is supposedly 'run' by volunteers, it is frequently visited by McAfee staff.

          Maybe you need to yell a little to get their attention !

          Quite often one gets better help on the forum of a security product than in any other way.
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            Thanks Riddlez, every time I run the virtual tech "DAT out of date" comes up. Running fix says its fixed but faults again. I'm going on a month with out being able to fix this and my hair is falling out. Guess I'll try to chat again. Don.
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              Peter M
              Something obviously changed as far as your internet connection and associated software is concerned. Have you checked with your ISP and asked what you should be looking out for with this kind of connection. I doubt fiber-optic cable has anything to do with the problem as it is only a faster means of communication.

              You may wish to consult with Technical Support Chat, linked at the top left of this page or in my signature & ask them to escalate the issue this time.

              Another thing to check is your system clock - is it accurate both time and timezone-wise and is anything else failing to update?
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                Thanks Ex_Brit, clock is good. I've been to chat 7 times, re-installed 2 times and have done things to this computer that I will never understand! I just contacted Verizon Fios Support and expect them to get back to me. Everything else updates. The only reason I'm protected at this time is because of the re-install, it updated then. With this speed I need this protection now more than ever. Also, chat made me remove all my anti-spyware, one of which I got off this site, that one found 411 parasites that my other two didn't find including McAfee's protection. I re-installed McAfee again with no help. If the fios people can't help me, I'll be pulling the plug on McAfee and going with Verizons protection though I'd rather not. Thanks, Don.
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                  Peter M
                  I've asked for help.