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    Am I protected? No

      Hi, I'm new to this forum and thought this was the best place to post this:
      When I bring up Mcafee, it has a red icon and says my Computer & Files and Email & IM require action. Clicking "fix" doesn't do anything and it says my subscription must be verified, which doesn't do anything either. Also everyday a Mcafee window pops up and says that it is downloading the Mcafee Security Suite.

      Please help me! Thanks
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          ..where did you get your mcafee? you purchased it online?installed through a CD?or it came through an affiliate(i.e., Comcast, Dell, etc..)?

          .."verify your subscription" msg may mean that your mcafee is already expired or is about to expire..

          ..that is, there is a possibility now that you need to uninstall/reinstall mcafee.. (you can use the mcafee removal tool to do the uninstallation)

          also, try running the [U]McAfee Virtual Technician[/U], then post the session id here..

          thanks.. happy
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            I'm having similar problem. My Security Centre is saying that I'm not protected and I need to verify my subscription for three items. When I click FIX THIS, a pop out window says "one or more problems require your response."
            When I click "verify your subscription now" link individually on all three items dsiplayed as action required items, a pop up window says "Your subscription has been verified" but Security Centre stays RED.

            Restarting my computer resolves the problem for a short while before it appears again.

            This problem started after I downloaded and installed IE8 which comes with Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

            Please help.