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    Security Center reporting not protected

      Not sure this is the correct forum for this question but...

      I have the "McAfee Total Protection" for three users (recently purchased a fourth user license), the issue is recently on one of the computers the security center reported "I was not protected". When I tried the "fix" option it would come back with an error about "one or more errors" and that it could not fix the issue. Now I think part of the problem was due to the software being installed upon more computers than I had licenses for, I installed it upon a laptop I recently bought my father and that pushed me over the top (which is why I bought the 4th license).

      If it was a number of license issue, will the fact I bought another one correct the issue? Will I need to DL and install it fresh or is my issue bigger then the license problem?
        • 1. hi
          ..i don't think that it is a "license" issue..

          ..were you able to notice the error msg, right below the "fix" button?

          ..is it saying something about the detection signature files?

          also, try running the McAfee Virtual Technician, then post the session id here..

          thanks.. happy
          • 2. Fixed
            Problem solved, not sure what the problem was. When I checked last night the Security Center was now reported that I was fully protected and at the bottom it was now reporting I have 4 licenses (at the time of my original post it reported the default 3). Maybe it just took some time for that information to be pushed out?

            Either way, thanks for your time.
            • 3. RE: Fixed
              glad it's fixed now.. happy