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    Undetectable virus disabling McAfee

      I may be wrong, but I am know to assume the worst. I think I might have a virus that McAfee or windows defender cant detect. A few hours ago a message appeared saying my computer is at risk. I opened the security center and it said that real time scanning was disabled and a few other major security risks under Computer & Files. About 2 hours later the same thing happened with Email & IM. If I attemp to fix any of these problems or turn on real time scanning, it says the setting could not be changed because of an error. Also, every 2 or 3 minutes I would have "A computer at has attempted an unsolicited connection to UDP port 5353 on your computer. The source IP is a 'non-routable' IP." I have a wireless router and use an iPod with it, but not during the times that showed up. Also, when I go to 'Manage Network', 2 computers, and are connected to my computer but not the internet. I can't get any info on them and I dont know what they are. Also, the 'M' McAfee icon on my taskbar is glitched and appears as blue and black scattered pixels.

      I have a vista ultimate sp1