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    Some components are missing.  Please reinstall McAfee SecurityCenter


      Been having some problems with McAfee recently. About a week or so ago I turned my computer on and everything was fine, until McAfee popped up to say I wasn't protected, saying "Some components are missing. Please reinstall McAfee Anti-Spam". I checked the installed components and it said that Anti-Spam was there, so I rebooted and the message never came back and McAfee seemed to work fine again.

      However, about Tuesday or Wednesday McAfee popped up with a similar message, this time saying "Some components are missing. Please reinstall McAfee SecurityCenter". Again, I don't know why it's doing this, and everything else seems to work fine, can do scans etc and can open SecurityCenter, and having had an absolute nightmare in actually trying to get McAfee installed in the first place around a year ago, I don't want to have to reinstall it, especially when I'm not sure what the actual problem is anyway.

      I've had a look through some other threads on here and it'd seem the Virtual Technician is a good place to start, but that says no problems were found, which seems odd given what McAfee is telling me in the first place. (Session ID is 17522412 btw, if that's any use).

      Any ideas of what I can do to sort this out? Thanks in advance!
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