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      for some reason mcafee stopped displaying alerts now...
      i checked and made sure that all my informational alerts were on. i verified everything with the alerts and they should come up.
      i tried one of the anti-virus tests from eicar, and mcafee did find them and quarantine them, but the main thing is that i had no alert from the program.
      i think they used to come up, but they don't anymore.
      anybody have any suggestions?
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          I had the same problem and finally figured it out. Apparently some settings got changed along the way somehow. Go to "home" and select "configure" on the bottom right hand side. On the next screen, go down to "Alerts" and select "Advanced". Select "Information Alerts" from the left hand side of the screen. If "Real-time scan and IM informational alerts" and "system guards allowed information alerts" are checked, uncheck them, select "apply" and then "ok". Try the eicar test again and you should get an alert and a log of it in events. Hope this helps.
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            i tried that, it was already unchecked and everything.
            i don't know what the problem is, according to the settings the alerts should show up.