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    Conflict - internet access <-> virus scan

      For a considerable time our broadband internet access has had problems. Will run for hours without problems and then suddenly dump us off - our provider says there is nothing wrong with the line and our equipment seems relaible enough given the extent of successful use of the internet.

      Usually the problem is resolved by disconnecting the router and waiting for a while to reconnect. Sometime this works fairly quickly and sometimes it takes hours. I have conveniently blamed the provider for kicking us off when there is no activity to preserve bandwidth thereby requiring a router reset.

      This morning had a similar problem but I had noticed that the McAfee Virus scan had started shortly after I had started my computer. Thought 'no problem' I will just carry on with whatever I was doing - but no internet access! Usual thing - waited for a while - reconnected the router - still no access ... hmmm <Brainwave>: 'pause the virus scanner' - the eureka moment - immediate connection to the internet.

      Could it be that the erratic internet performance is caused by the virus scanning process?