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    Can't get to McAfee.com

      I recently upgraded to version 9. For the first three weeks it would get the updates just fine however I would sometimes have to use the "Fix" option to make sure I was fully protected. Last week, however, when the daily update was finished, it came back saying that there was a problem and that I needed to reinstall the security center. It is doing it daily now. The "Fix" option is not working and when I try to log on to McAfee.com to download the program again I cannot even get to the website. I have tried numerous ways to get to the site (the original purchase email, Google, Yahoo, etc) with no luck. The only thing I have done differently is install IE8.

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          Please clarify/perform the steps given below.

          Did you made any changes to the computer in recent past?
          Did you experience any spyware alert or advertisement in the computer?
          Please provide us the version of McAfee product installed in the computer (Open McAfee security center-click on about in bottom left hand panel-check the build version for each product installed)?


          Try to perform the Manual update through the update button in the home page of McAfee security center
          Give us the error message that you get in the right hand panel of security center (ex: Detection signature file is outdated or more that 30 day old ….)
          Perform the MVT in the computer and post the session ID
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            I upgraded to IE8last week. I am not aware of any Spyware or fake alerts. I am using the following versions of McAfee

            Security Center 9.3
            Virus Scan 13.3
            Personal Firewall 10.3
            Site Advisor 2.9
            Anti Spam 10.3
            Parental Control 11.3

            It does attempt automates as I see the spinning icon in the lower right corner. When it finished its cycle, a box comes up and says that a problem occurred and I need to reinstall Security Center.

            In the Security Center, it is Yellow ststus and says "detection signature file is between 8 and 29 days old" and McAfee Anti Spam filtering content has not been updated for the last 7 days.

            I do not have the option to use MVT that I can see and since it will not allow me to get to the McAfee site, I cannot download it.

            Please advise.
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              First check your system clock - make sure it is accurate both time and timezone-wise.

              Then check Internet Explorer - if your use IE7 or 8 go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click the Reset button then Apply and OK. Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons.

              If IE6 go to Tools/Internet Options/General tab and clear history, temporary files etc. then go to Security tab and ensure all zones are at default, then go to Content tab and ensure that Content Advisor is turned off. Click Apply, OK then exit.

              Check for spyware using the free versions of both of these tools and let them remove everything they find:

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                Thank you Ex_Brit. :)

                I have been encountering similar problem since last Friday (May 15). First it started with the "DAT is 8 and 29 days..." thing. I tried fixing it with the rename DAT and the safe mode DAT thing, no use. Reset IE settings are no good as well. So I use the 2 spyware and malware tools you suggested. It killed a bunch of spywares but the problem remains. The Malwarebytes's Anti-Malware managed to find the problem: "Trojan.daonol" and couple of registry settings that disabled security manager. Just like you suggested, I allow the tool to remove them and it did. :rolleyes:

                After the reboot, Mcafee Security Centre finally got started at startup. I opened it and press the Fix button. After a long download of DAT and VirusScan; everything is back to normal!! ;)

                BTW I have been using Mcafee for over 10 years now. Now that you guys managed to fix my problem again, I will definitely renew comes expiration time in August 2009. Mind you my background as senior software developer helps in resolving these issues. :D

                H. Lo
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                  Glad it's OK.