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    How often does Security Center update?

      Can anyone give me an idea how often new definitions are released for McAfee products in general? Is there somewhere on the McAfee site I can get this information? The reason I ask is that I get the prompt to update (usually McAfee Security Center) at least daily, and sometimes more than once in the same day. This leads me to wonder if I'm not really getting updated when I respond affirmatively (to update my products now) or if something else is wrong.

      Twice in the last couple years I ended up with an overzealous McAfee updater and was told to uninstall and reinstall Security Center. That fixed the problem then, but if that is what is going on again, then I'd like to know why this continues to occur.

      I understand that the McAfee folks work hard to provide updates to counterattack the computer terrorists, so I'm not complaining about having to update in general, but I'd really just like to nail down what their schedule is for sending us updates. If anyone can point me to info on the McAfee site about this or just knows and can explain, I'd appreciate it.

      I have to say that in the last two years I've become less confident in computing in general, always suspicious of things, and never quite feeling like I can trust that my pc is protected, even though I use the McAfee Security suite. This probably comes from a lack of understanding about exactly what that suite of products is providing me with. Is there a good article "out there" that covers this information?

      Thanks for all replies.