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    Uninstallation of McAfee

      I have recently (yesterday) installed BT Net Protect Plus (McAfee) & I am quite pleased with it. It seems much simpler to use than the Norton I had previously & there is even a choice of a quick scan. My computer seems to run faster as well (it boots faster).

      However, although I am not considering uninstalling McAfee at any time in the foreseeable future, because it looks like good AV software, I have been told it cannot be uninstalled without a special tool. I have also been told that it is much easier to uninstall than Norton (lets face it anything is easier to uninstall than Norton :eek:). Is this true?
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          Yes mcafee you can uninstall very easily there is a tool (i have the Tool given to me From mcafee) but im not handing it out Mcafee is a very good Firewall/Virus Scanner i love it i keep on suggesting ideas to improve this product to their engineers and i hope they are listening to me when i submit my ideas to them but i guess we will see when the next update comes out for McAfee. If you want the tool maybe contact Customer Support i dont know if they will give it to you but i guess it wont hurt to try but you can remove McAfee threw your Add/Remove hardware

          Personally i dont like Norton and i will never use it again i believe it is a worthless tool but note (this is my Opinion on Norton)
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            I just wondered if it was difficult to uninstall. Norton is very difficult even with the Norton uninstallation tool!

            McAfee is a lot easier to use than Norton as well. :D

            There is a bug in most of the recent versions of Norton where the scanner gets frozen looking for the supposed virus (or faux virus) Carny_Ride. Norton may have fixed this with their most recent application release. It has caused a lot of consternation on the Norton forums! :eek:

            I am not sorry to say goodbye to Norton.
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              lol Yes norton i believe is one of the worst programs i think im glad you switched to McAfee
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                Peter M
                McAfee is pretty easy to uninstall and the removal tool even removes itself with a reboot. The Technical Support Link at top left of this page has a lot of FAQ's available and one of them is this:

                How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe)

                This is good for all recent McAfee home products. It does NOT apply to any Corporate (Enterprise) products, however, which do not have any removal tools.
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                  Indeed. It makes me wonder why BT Yahoo! ditched it for McAfee. Maybe a lot of people were uninstalling it...if they could! :mad:

                  I think they made the right decision.
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                    OK, thanks a lot happy . I just like to be sure that I know how to uninstall/reinstall new software apps, particularly important ones like security programs.

                    The version of McAfee that I am using is with BT Yahoo! & called NetProtect Plus. It is a customised but similar version to what I have seen of McAfee (the interface is virtually identical to the normal version).

                    Would removing this be problematical for the MCPR?
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                      Peter M
                      No, it removes all the home products, regardless of provider.
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                        That's OK then. I must say, from what I have seen of it so far, it seems very competent AV & easy to use. I don't want to stray off topic but I am beginning to wonder why McAfee has a bit of a dodgy reputation (I don't think it deserves it). I can understand it with Norton.
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                          Peter M
                          Look hard enough and you'll find something bad said about any of the major software manufacturers. Many people find the suite-style of protection too restrictive or resource-consuming. Unfortunately gone are the days, here at least, where you could purchase just one product, now they are bunched together in various combinations.

                          Recently McAfee was near the top of the ratings, so something is being done right.
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