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    Security center says subscription expired when not

      I have the red x on my security center icon in the system tray. Security Center tells me that my subscription is expired, although it doesn't expire until November. If I click Fix, I just get a message saying "one or more problems require your response" but nothing happens.

      If I try to verify the subscription by right clicking on the icon I get a message saying the subscription cannot be verified right now.

      If I right click on the icon and update no new updates are downloaded.

      After reading multiple posts I tried the fix of starting in safe mode, deleting the contents of the DAT folder, restarting and updating. This did not fix the problem.

      I also tried the McAfee Virtual Technician after reading about it on posts here. Although it did tell me that it found and fixed one problem, that did not fix my problem. Security center still tells me that my subscription is expired.

      I was going to uninstall, but when I started to do that through Add/Remove programs I got a warning about uninstalling programs that I have a valid subscription for.

      Should I uninstall and reinstall anyways? If not, how to I get security center to verify my subscription.

      Thank you for your help.