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    Protection Status Keeps Turning Off

      Yeah, my protection status keeps turning off. I tried the mcafee virtual technician, it showed i had 2 problems. Both dealing with mcshield.exe. Everytime i ran the technician it said that it fixed one of the problems, but if you run it again, it says that the problem is still there.

      I don't know how to post the problem log from the technician, do i just copy and paste?
        • 1. RE: Protection Status Keeps Turning Off

          Please clarify

          Did you made any changes to the computer in the recent past?
          Did you try to perform a system restore recently?
          Are you experiencing any pop-ups or alert regarding the spyware?

          You can Post the Session ID number that you receive after running the McAfee Virtual Technician(MVT). let us review the session ID
          • 2. Sorry about that.
            Yes, ok, so my Session ID is: 17241436. This is AFTER I told McAfee to scan my computer 'thoroughly'. The scan found 2 problems. 1 Quarantined and 1 removed. The one removed is called "Proxy-OSS", I don't know what that is but the off'ing of McAfee's protection service is still going on.

            I don't know what is the exact cause of it, because I've been doing a lot of stuff on the past few days. However I may have a lead. Right after I downloaded a free MMORPG called "Perfect World" (you can search it on google) this happened almost instantly after I opened the install file. McAfee's 'Computer and Files' and 'E-Mail' services are turned off. So I don't know, that may be it.

            I haven't tried system recovery, I don't have a recent recovery point that I want to go to, so I'm kind of out of luck there. I'll probably end up doing it anyway to save time if there is no fix.

            Note: Everytime the protection turns off, it's awlays the 'Computer and Files' and 'E-Mail' services. Then I'd have to manually press the fix it problem to get the green status back.
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              I am having the same problem. I had the pre-installed McAfee Security Center that came with my Dell laptop and the free year expired. I purchased a renewal and it downloaded and installed on my computer. Now every few days to a week I get a stupid message that tells me that I am not fully protected and I have like 4 things turned off. I have to click "Fix" each time and it turns everything back on. This is really ANNOYING. I ran the online technical diagnostic tool and it told me I had zero errors/problems.

              From searching the net, it seems that many other people are having this same issue. I have SecurityCenter 9.3 and run it on Vista.
              • 4. I am having a similar problem
                A few days ago, I got a message from Microsoft to upgrade my Windows Live. I did so, which promptly messed up my MS Office 2003, so that every time I booted up, each office app (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) would open and crash.

                To try to fix this, I upgraded Office to the 2007 version. This in turn caused McAfee's "mcshield.exe" to crash on boot-up. Also, Office 2007 was still launching and crashing.

                In frustration, I uninstalled Windows Live, which caused multiple crashes, forcing me to ultimately reinstall it.

                Now, when I boot up, only PowerPoint opens and crashes. However, McAfee SecurityCenter loads with all four apps disabled. I click fix, then two apps require attention. I click fix again, and I am fully protected. Then, a few minutes later, I get a notification that "I am not fully protected" again. I open SecurityCenter, and all four apps say "Your Subscription to McAfee app must be verified. Verify your subscription now." I click on FIX and I get a message saying "One or more problems require your response" and nothing changes. I click on the verify but it fails and I get a pop-up saying "Verification Failed. Your subscription cannot be verified. If this problem continues, reinstall the program." So, yesterday, I reinstalled the program, and today the same problem occurred again.

                I ran the McAfee Virtual Technician, but it solved nothing.

                I am running Windows XP with all patches and no issues prior to upgrading Windows Live.

                I apologize for the long-winded message, but I thought I should be as thorough as possible.

                Any suggestions on what I can do?
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                  Well... I uninstalled SecurityCenter and then I ran the McAfee program that cleans residual schmutz from your system. Once that was done, I installed SecurityCenter again. Being that my problem happens every few days, I won't know for awhile if it worked, but I figured to give it a shot.
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                    This issue may happen if we have any hard disk crash (bad Block -disk) or if we have any issue with malware infection.

                    So please clarify

                    What is the Operating system you use?
                    How do you connect to the internet (DSL/Cable/ Wireless)?
                    How long you are experiencing this issue?

                    Try to run the free versions of tool: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php clean anything it detected.
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                      I have malwarebyte already and i'll rerun the scan, but it had no issues last time.

                      To answer your questions, I have Vista, Connect Wireless, and have been having the problem ever since I upgraded my subscription with McAfee SecurityCenter (couple months). I did wipe my system of McAfee and reinstall a couple days ago and have not had a problem since, but it's too soon to tell if this fixed it or not.
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                        Alright, sounds good but monitor your McAfee Security center for other 7-8 days and let us know if we have any issue and also past your MVT Session ID
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                          OK... again today, it prompted me that I'm not fully protected and I had to "fix" my settings. I did an uninstall, I used the McAfee application that cleans it from my computer, and reinstalled. My MVT session ID is 17528015.

                          A side note... I decided to ignore the message to "fix" my settings and a few hours later everything was turned back on by its own.
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