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    Restoring Infected Files

      Virus Scan has just discovered 3 viruses on my notebook and quarantined them. I have clicked restore, then re-scanned and Virus Scan has detected the same three viruses in the same locations.
      I thought restore was supposed to clean the infected file before restoring it, am I missing something here?
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          Peter M
          No, that restores them to where they were found in the first place.

          Per Security Center Help:


          Work with quarantined files[/B]

          When VirusScan quarantines infected files, it encrypts and then moves them to a folder to prevent the files from harming your computer. You can then restore or remove the quarantined files.

          1. Open the Quarantined Files pane. How?
          2. On the left pane, click Advanced Menu.
          3. Click Restore.
          4. Click Files.

          [*]Select a quarantined file.
          [*]Do one of the following:

          • To repair the infected file and return it to its original location on your computer, click Restore.
          • To remove the infected file from your computer, click Remove.

          [*]Click Yes to confirm your selected option.