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    McAfee said to restart, now no programs will open?!

      I kept getting a pop-up yesterday from McAfee telling me to restart my computer because it updated something/fixed something (I didn't think it would cause a problem so I didn't pay that close of attention). I kept pressing cancel because I was busy doing other things and didn't want to restart at the time.

      Finally in the afternoon I clicked the restart, and ever since then, nothing works on my computer anymore!

      It starts up fine and goes to my desktop, but I no longer have the "Start" panel at the bottom of my screen that shows the clock, etc. I cannot open any programs. I double click them and nothing happens.

      When I open the internet, it cannot find any websites, even though my lights are all up and normal on my cable modem box.

      Everything was working perfectly until I clicked restart on the McAfee pop-up window.

      Does anyone know what I can do to get my programs/internet back? It wasn't allowing me to use System Restore either (if that is even the right thing to do).

      I have Windows XP and a PC. Thanks so much for the help. I had to wait until this morning at work to try to get help for this since it's no longer allowing me to get online! So frustrating!

      Thanks in advance for any advice.
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          Thanks McAfee. I will never use your product again.

          I called support and they charged me $9.95 to immediately tell me to contact the manufacturer of my computer. Thanks.

          Finally talked to Microsoft and it is McAfee that corrupted my computer. It still is not fixed. McAfee corrupted my computer yet their support people won't even help me get rid of it after I paid. Such a joke.
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            Peter M
            We are all volunteers here so don't expect immediate solutions to everything. There is always free Chat support linked at top left of any of these pages and in my signature - available 24/7.
            If it's a new retail product there is free phone support for 30 days anyway.

            You must admit it is unusual for any protection software to wreck a machine, so there must be other factors at play here. What exactly happened and what pop-ups, error reports etc. did you get?

            You don't state what, if any, previous protection software was installed and how you removed it. You also don't state what version of XP this is, is it 32 or 64-bit, is it SP1, SP1a, SP2 or SP3?

            Also we need to know what your resources are - how much RAM and how much free hard drive space is there?

            You also didn't state what McAfee programs you were trying to install in the first place.
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              I wasn't putting down anyone in the forum. I was angry with McAfee for not assisting me when I paid for a support phone call. I appreciate when volunteers help. Even though no one had replied here yet, many had replied at the Microsoft forum I also posted this issue to and were very helpful.

              It's just frustrating enough to finally get someone on the phone, and then they charge you and just tell you to call someone else.

              McAfee is the only program my computer is not letting me uninstall currently. Even though the Microsoft support has not solved my problem yet, he did determine after 2 hours on the phone last night that McAfee is the program corrupting it, unusual as it may be.

              The lack of customer service from the company is what is so frustrating, not the volunteers. I love forums like this where people help each other out. Usually it solves any problems I have and I don't have to pay for phone support.
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                Peter M
                There have been times when I would cheerfully have taken a sledgehammer to my computer so I do know the feeling!

                Do you want to answer my questions above and see if I can offer any advice or at least try to get some help from elsewhere? Or have you decided to ditch McAfee?