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    Protection keeps turning off

      Every day since April 2 at 12:21am my real-time protection keeps turning itself off. The message in the Windows event log under applications / MCLogEvent is:

      I'm running:

      • SecurityCenter 9.3.137, last update 3/31/2009.
      • VirusScan 13.3.117,
        Engine version 5301.4018,
        DAT version 5575.000,
        DAT Creation 4/5/2009
      • Windows XP Pro 2002, SP3
      • AMD Athalon 64 X2, Processor 4400+, 2.0 GB RAM

        • 1. please confirm

          Sorry for the inconvenience please confirm if you’re still having the issue if yes follow steps

          Did you made any changes to the computer in the recent past?
          Did you try to perform a system restore recently?

          Steps can be tried:

          Update the McAfee product: let us know if we have any issue in update the McAfee product.
          Run the MVT and post you’re Session ID
          Try to perform the windows update including the optional one.
          • 2. RE: please confirm
            No configuration changes to my computer in several months, no system restores. Very stable system except for this.

            I have automatic Windows update on, but in troubleshooting I already tried a manual update and my McAfee updates are working fine. (I'm running VirusScan DAT Version 5579 now, dated 4/9/2009)

            And yes I've tried rebooting

            The problem first occurred on March 31, then Apr 2 (3 times), Apr 3, Apr 4, Apr 5, Apr 6 and Apr 9. Never before Mar 31.

            Question: Why would McAfee scan it's own virus definition files? Why can't I exempt that file?

            I'm not particularly impressed with this product, it's fat and slow and a pain when I need to tell it to back off for a while. I'll soldier on for another week or so and then switch back to Symantec or maybe try Forefront.
            • 3. RE: please confirm

              I see it's a recent problem. I think it's possible that your system/McAfee has been corrupted by a corrupted DAT update.

              Maybe worth trying, IF it works this may be a quick an easy solution:

              Of course it may be an infection, you can scan with free MBAM and SAS.

              Other typical 'solutions' are a chat with tech support, or uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee, in the latter case the MCPR tool should be used, and follow the instructions about uninstalling elsewhere on this forum.
              • 4. RE: Protection keeps turning off

                I have this same problem, it turns off for absolutely no reason and I have to click it to turn it back on. System is crystal clean, running Mcafee, SAS etc... Even removed and reinstalled Mcafee from clean. Still turns off for no reason, usually while ie7 is on and sitting still, but also sometimes when outlook is running as well (MS uses same code base for both).

                I am using XP service pack 3 and it's up to date with all the current patches, just started doing this in Feb/March, never a problem before. Also does this on a brand new clean install machine I used for test. Both clean machines. Both just intermittently turn off for no reason since recent during the real time protection when outlook or ie7 is being run.

                Thanks for any help, feel unprotected when the protection software turns itself off, while running.

                • 5. RE: please confirm

                  To follow up. No changes made, no system restore made.

                  Updated the product and reinstalled from clean.

                  Ran MVT and got this message: No Problems found. Session ID: 17588874

                  Mcafee real time system still turning itself off while sitting in ie7 or outlook.

                  Can we fix this, as it kinda kills the purpose of having it if the virus catcher software turns itself off a couple of times a day when it hits a burp in it's software we can't see.


                  • 6. RE: please confirm
                    got the same problem and yet no solution..i have switched to some other security software..free one ofcourse..after paying lot for mcafee...see my thread post also...
                    • 7. I have the identical problem above
                      I started noticing it after April 1st, and I reported it on 4/14....the chat person told me it was a resolved issue and I didn't notice it again until today (but was gone from 4/18 to 4/21) and today it has shut protection down twice after downloading updates. It will let me "fix" it by clicking the fix button, but as the poster above stated, the system is unprotected and unguarded unless you are sitting right there to catch it....which means McAfee is essentially an open gate until this glitch is fixed. It's obviously affecting a number of people. I have run spyware, have Windows XP SP3, no viruses or spyware detected and I've used Spybot, McAfee Virus Scan, have a router, and used the Windows malicious software detector and the system appears clean. I was given reference id 484570-288107208 when I tried chat assist on 4/14. They just told me it was resolved and to contact them if it happened again....unfortunately I don't have time to sit and wait on chat tonight as am at work.....I will check by the forums and hope to see an answer. I hope this can be fixed; it sounds like many users are experiencing this.
                      • 8. RE: I have the identical problem above
                        The chat folks don't seem to be too helpful unless it's on their preprogrammed response tree. The one today pretended to "fix" something, then basically hung up the chat on me without warning or actually doing anything.

                        10 mins later it shut off again...

                        Here's the chat info incase Mcafee wants to follow up:

                        - Service Request #: 292240640
                        - Created Date: 04/22/2009 14:31:25
                        - Description: Mcafee turns itself off intermittently and pops up a message that it is turned off.

                        Not sure really, but seems to be caused by the Mcafee real time processing timing out when it is trying to read a file in the background. When it can't it times out and turns off, popping up a message that it is turned off.

                        This makes it look intermittent because one cannot predict when Mcafee will do this.

                        No help so far, seems like a mini epidemic that's being ignored. Help! Not much fun waiting on chat to get someone who can't help.

                        Mcafee if you are listening your users need help! And they are being polite.

                        • 9. Followup
                          In my second chat session, they told me to uninstall Spybot (I've never heard of Spybot, which was not open or running, causing a problem in the years I've had it before) and then uninstall and reinstall McAfee. I did that late last night, so will monitor today and see how things go. I'll watch this forum/thread too to see how things go for you guys. Fingers crossed....
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