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    For the past couple of weeks, the McAfee

      For the past couple of weeks, the McAfee security center goes down after I have gone into the internet. I quickly go to the McAfee site and hit "fix" and the system come back on and stays on. Needless to say, I am very concerned.

      With all of the problems with Windows, I have switched to Firefox - could the problem be from this switch?

      I have Security Center 9.3, Virus Scan 13.3, and Personal Firewall 10.3.

      I have not had this problem before.


      Things got bad enough that I was unable to connect to this forum, kept coming up with "connection interrupted , network link interrupted while negotiating a connection"

      So I went back to Windows - had to download Microsoft 8 (thought I had this, not sure, but it took). Then coming back thru Internet Explorer, I have been able to connect with the forum. So maybe it is the related to the latest update of Firefox. I noticed in their forum that others were finding that it was crashing.

      However, if any of you have experienced similar problems I would like to confirm what is going on. Or if you feel this might be due to viral problems, I would be interested in hearing.