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    length of time for encryption to complete

      I have just broken out of vmware for some fde testing on typical hardware and had a shock. I am going time how long it take for fde on a couple of different spec laptops to give users an idea what it will take, anyway I booted my old samsung x10..

      1.6ghz centrino
      768 ram
      20gb c partition on ide disk

      nearly 5gb used including swap and hiberfile, basic windows xp with itunes only really and no other user data

      fde on c is barely 5% through (though it is progressing) after 50 minutes

      also the estimated time is bouncing wildly betweem 7,8,9 hours and some random amount of minutes

      also I had the auto synch set to 1 minute from some other testing I was doing and this seemed to prevent fde from ever getting going, it said it was and the times were randomly bouncing but after 10 minutes no progress, I changed to 600 minute synch and manually synced and it's gotten going as above.

      I've tried restarting and no difference

      how long in peoples experience does this take?
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          ok it has now completed C and moved onto D which is a 56gb partition with 270mb of data I forgot to mention

          progress bar is at I would guess 7% and timer still random between 7,8,9 hours

          I also have connected a 2gb usb thumb drive showing my computer as removable device

          and a 160gb usb caddied 2.5 hdd showing as a disc drive but removable

          in the MEE EEM removable drives are set to manually select whilst encryption mode is set to automatically encrypt all drives fully
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            every time it syncs it will stop encryption.

            But, the speed is entirely dependent on your hardware. My Dell desktop here does about 160GB/hour, my E4300 laptop is much slower at about 60GB/h.

            It does not matter how much data you have as you are doing full -disk- encryption, not file/folder.

            It sounds like this samsung is a bit of a slowcoach.. happy
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              the samsung was top of the range in 2005 but this is what a lot of our users will still have 4200rpm 2.5" ide drives, 512ram etc.

              my mistake was I assumed fde would only encrypt used space and somehow mark free space so it was encrypted when written.

              anyway, the 160gb usb hdd I had connected is currently being encrypted, I didn't expect this as it is a removable device. it is even shown as a removable drive in the device properties in the EEM with selectable encryption so why would the client start encrypting it?

              I was planning to select the automatically encrypt all drives fully option but will have to rethink this if the software doesn't recognise all removable devices as such sad
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                You set the removable drive encryption to "manually select" - did you also tick the drive letter in the list and tell it to do full encryption?

                if so, that's your problem - you manually told it to encrypt that drive with FDE.

                you can always untick it in the policy, then sync and it will start undoing the encryption.
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                  I set encryption mode to automatically encrypt all drives which greyed out the individual drive selection (albeit with every letter in red)

                  I set removable devices to manual

                  the drive in question had shown up as removable in the eem because it had done a synch and c was in progress

                  I would have expected it at this point to realise it was removable and not encrypt it?

                  I have stopped it now by changing to none and forcing a synch as you said.

                  If the external drive wasn't connected during initial encryption maybe it wouldn't have encrypted it?
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                    nope, it would have when it synced.

                    set removable drives as "never" - there's not much value in using EEPC to encrypt them unless you're happy that you'll only be able to use them on that machine from then on.

                    "Manual" does not mean at the users discretion, it means if you tick the box in the policy for that drive letter.
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                      when you say encryption stops, it resumes from where it left off after a synch or system restart?
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                        maybe. It evaluates the policy against the drive and does whatever's needed to make the two align.
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                          My advice here is to ignore whatever the status bar says. If you sync when 75% through, it appears to start from 0 again. However, the disk still encrypts in the expected original time. The time left is usually a reasonable indicator of how long it will take, older machines can sometimes take forever, and if you have a dead sector, the time will go wild for a while!