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    RealPlayer11 with SecurityCentre 9 Help

      Unable to download video, no real player download popup. Unable to download off right click. Running Vista Home Premium SP1, IE 8. How do I config, thanks. Apr 6 ... I don't know, went back to IE 7 and real player 11 works. Good enough for now. Note that under IE 7 I had McAfee toolbar disabled.
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          Sorry for the inconvenience do you still have the issue in the Real player?

          Try to update the Real player and make sure you have the full permission to the Real player in the Mcafee Firewall program permission (Click on internet and network-> click on configure ->click on the advance button under the Firewall protection enabled->program permission-> check if the Real player is given the full permission)
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            Hi, thanks for taking the time to offer your input. I had made sure that realplayer11 was current and that the realplayer exe had full access in the firewall. I don't know if it was the best choice but only worked upon removing McAfee from the toolbar. I went back to IE8 last night and realplayer 11 continues to work when McAfee not in the toolbar
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              Are you trying to disable the McAfee site advisor tool bar? If yes then it’s not recommended. Basically this might be an issue with Tool bar so try to disable/remove third party toolbar (Comcast, Google etc….).
              Run the IE Regfix and check if the issue is resolved
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                Hi, My IE add-ons show McAfee SiteAdviser BHO, scriptproxy and McAfee Phishing Filter ENABLED. Yes without thinking it through I disabled the site adviser toolbar and checking now I don't see it or perhaps don't know where the site advisor toolbar is to reactivate.
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                  Make sure you have the check mark in enable third party browser extension (open Internet Explorer click on tool -Internet option – advance tab-under the Browsing tab- Enable third party browser extension should be cheeked)
                  Make sure yahoo tool bar Ad-ons is also enabled. happy
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                    Thanks for sticking with me, check mark was enabled for third party browser extension. I have neither Yahoo Toolbar installed under program features or under IE 8 manage add ons. I'm guessing it would need to be installed from a specific site as I know service providers and companies customise for their needs. The only tool bar I have installed and ENABLED under IE ADD ONS is Sympatico MSN? I figured I'd try live chat for the
                    1st time. After checking to confirm it had definitely been uninstalled by me, I was directed to www.siteadvisor.com to download and install and I've got the yahoo toolbar and siteadvisor back and working. Now back to no realplayer download popup. Do you still recommend removing 3rd party toolbars and running IE Regfix? Problem resolved, uninstalled all other toolbars. Then today with a cleanup guess I went to tools/manage add-ons/search providers and removed all providers except Yahoo. Realplayer11 now displaying pop-up and will download video. Thanks