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    Win-Patrol with Security Center?

      I have SC 9.3. I also have Quicktime, which is determined to add itself to the startup group. As I only use it for itunes once or twice a week, my old, underpowered computer doesn't need useless programs running. I know a program which keeps this from happening http://geekswithblogs.net/thibbard/archive/2005/03/21/QuickTimeKiller.aspx , but this requires me to have .NET running, so it's exchanging one program for another. I used to have Ad-Watch (pt of Ad-Aware) which kept Quicktime caged, but had to uninstall this as it doesn't play nicely with the Security Center. A long time ago I used to have the free version of Win-Patro. It also kept programs from adding themselves to startup, and used few resources. Would I again be able to use Win-Patrol with Security Center? If not, is there some function in SC that I might have missed which would make Quicktime behave?