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    Warning text

      in the default theme the warning text only displays on one line with some poorly indicated scroll down button

      the same happens for the recovery message although at least you get about two lines of text there

      I was hoping for our securty warning to say something like

      This system belongs to ACME.com and is protect with full disc encryption. Only log on if you are authorised to do so. If you have forgotten your password click "cancel" then "Options > Recovery" and follow the on screen instructions. If you have found this system please call +44 870 342500 quoting 523521432.

      and be easily viewable, I guess the only way to improve this is with a custom theme and embed it into the whole image background?
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          you can always expand the size of the box the text is displayed in. All this is explained in your EEPC manual (in the chapter on themes etc), and in the comments in the graphics.ini file.

          no need to make a picture from it.

          I thought in the default theme there were 4 lines of warning text though? Are you actually using a theme?
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            no I haven't applied a theme, or read that section of the manual thanks for the pointer.
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              you gotta apply a theme - otherwise the pre-boot looks awful!

              Is it still using that nasty development blue/green background?