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    9.3 Security nightmare

      My level of frustrastion is intense right now. I was sent an email that I was renewed and given a"FREE" additional program just click on the link. That caused my other two users to corrupt and not be protected. Then it corrupted mine and froze up the internet. After 7 tech's 27 hours (no I am not joking) The tech that did remote to try to fix it crashed my DSL and I had to call me provide to change drivers. I now have 1 user, no Outlook and told it is my fault that my operating system is broken. I did not update anything other than McFee.

      How can I get back Outlook?
      How can I protect the other users (they keep saying I need to fix my operating system and move all my setting to default - which they did when they crashed my DSL)

      Does anyone here know how to get hold of a member of the exec. team? (found the number I was looking for )The phone tech said the chat tech do not know how to fix problems don't use them, the Supervisor of Tech said many tech's don't know how to fix the problems. If they are saying no one is able to fix problems what is going on!

      Yes blank screens everywhere, unintalled 6 times, used their tool that would not shut off, attempted reinstall 7 times.
        • 1. Help fixing update
          If I go back and restore my system before the 9.3 update and all the nonsense with tech support will I be able to get back my emails and protection for the other users?
          Then make a chooice about installing 9.3 or another program.
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            I'm not quite sure what you mean.

            If you are at 9.3 and want to use Windows restore to go back to a previous version of McAfee I can tell you it won't work.

            Windows system restore will 'break' McAfee.

            As for what happens with your data and email, I'm not sure. Usually you won't lose the data, but if you try Windows system restore your system will be a mess. I'm not even sure if uninstalling (including the use of the MCPR tool) and reinstalling will help after that.

            You could try uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee (without using system restore), but I think that sooner or later, probably sooner, you'll receive a push to version 9.3.
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              Peter M
              Merged your two threads.

              Riddlez is correct, System Restore only restores system files and not McAfee. It usually breaks McAfee completely. In which case it is best to uninstall, use the MCPR tool (linked in my signature), reboot and reinstall. You cannot downgrade McAfee either.

              http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100328&lang=en_US&prior_tid=2&An swerID=16777217&turl==http%3A%2F%2Fkb.mcafee.com%2Finfocenter%2Findex%3Fpage%3Dc ontent%26id%3DTS100328%26actp%3Dsearch

              You don't state what operating system and service pack this is, also you don't state what exactly it was that you clicked on. What was this free additional programme?
              You also don't state what McAfee product it is we are dealing with.

              There isn't any part of McAfee that would obliterate or otherwise disable user accounts and delete emails, unless they were infected of course. That would appear to be a Windows issue probably exacerbated by the software installation. These situations are often caused by the use of registry cleaners.
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                I use XP email was "To download McAfee Anti-Theft, simply login to your McAfee account here and select Download/Install" with the download link that was an overlay nothing about removing anything. I have Total protection.

                Sorry to disagree about Mcafee not being responsible but before I installed and had all the tech's saying do this do this I had all my files. So sorry Mcafee did jack it up.

                I want my files back I will get diffferent secuirty if that is what I have to do. All I want is to restore my computer and honestly be done with mcafee. This day of electronics couple of clicks and your protected. Not this - I have have used this product for several years.
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                  Peter M
                  Anti-Theft installation simply doesn't do anything except install it, something else must have happened, it must have been given the go ahead to protect files and folders which it no doubt has done.

                  System Restore to an earlier time should restore everything but you would have to remove McAfee completely afterwards.

                  Do you have "Vault" in "My Computer"? If so that could be where everything is.

                  The User Guide is here: http://download.mcafee.com/products/manuals/en-us/MAT_userguide_2008.pdf You need at least Adobe reader to open a .pdf file. It can be downloaded here: Abobe
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                    Thats what I thought too but DID mess things up. NO I don't have vault it corrupted my system and took Mcafee off. This is the problem it is all the users fault for a bad program. That is why when searching the net the reviews are the same beware of this program.

                    Any software that the only advice tech's and here can give is uninstall and reinstall over and over again to fix is a waste of money and a scam!
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                      Peter M
                      In that case I don't see how we can help you, sorry.
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                        You could indeed use system restore to TRY to get your emails back. I don't know if it will work. I'm not sure whether uninstalling McAfee before or after the system restore is the best option. From my point of view, it's complicated. Have you also tried uninstalling anti-theft ?

                        Presumably your emails haven't been completely erased, just because they can't be located in the FAT or NTFS table it doesn't mean they have been completely erased. I think there is some software/techniques to recover. I can think of one program, Spinrite (see www.grc.com), but I don't know if it would help in your situation.

                        Are you sure the Conficker worm or something similar hasn't messed up your system ? You can always scan for malware with McAfee, and free SAS and MBAM.

                        If you truly have a corrupted system, then, for the long run, it's better to reformat and reinstall everything. Just make sure you know how to do that before you begin !

                        Anyway, for some respected AVs I can refer you to the website of av-comparatives. A trial before buying is recommended.

                        Actually, did the email really come from McAfee ? Or were you tricked in downloading malware ?
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                          Yes, the email can directly from McAfee. I have being today dealing with the execitive team as to the lack of support that is really being provided on the chat and 1-800. I am going to start over formatting the drives. Sad, really that almost all problems with blank screens are IE problems that started with this new update. But hey guess I just safely used my computer without issues in a dream!