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    2009 will not update 2008

      I have 2008 Total Protection loaded on my computer and recieved 2009 Total Protection with my LGLaptop. My work uses Norton on thier network so I tried to install 2009 when my subscription to 2008 expired. I have removed 2008 and then did the update with no success.
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          Vinod R

          Did you try to install the McAfee 2009 version on a work machine that had Norton on it?
          is that what you tried to convey?

          if yes then remvoal of an enterprise product is not always easy and you must ensure that its removed correctly by contacting your local IT person in office.....
          • 2. total protection 2009 over 2008
            No what I was trying to convey is that the copy of total Protction 2009 came with my LG laptop and that I copied it to a thumb drive and put it on my Desk top and ran the install as my total protection 2008 subscription had expired. The reason I did not use it on my laptop is that at work they use Norton and I would not be allowed on the network at work without Norton on it. I called your tech support and they told me that due to the fact it did not come on a Dell machine (mine is an LG) that I should take it up with the vendor. Being that I can not be on the Internet unprotected and my vendor is not open on weekends, I went and purchsed the upgrade and paid the 129.00 for a new subscription. I did not like the tone of all the questions and hoops that I had to go through. I was on a chat for 28 minutes just to tell me that I had to go to the vender. I could not understand why they just couldnt fix your data base to give me subscription change. I still dont understand why it did not do it automatically when I ran the install for 2009. Anyway I am not satisfied with your customer service or tech support and will be looking for other Internet Security products when my subscription is due again next year.