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    how secure is this program?


      I recently bought a subscription for a total of 5 machines, mostly I use one machine which is running the vista sp1 os. Viewing recent events ,I now have over 100 pages of incoming events, quote computor at xxxx ip has tried an unsolicited attempt at opening xxx port on to infinitey.

      My dns server ip is also listed as trying to open hundreds of ports as well as the dhcp ip. of coarse these two I cannot block permanently if I want to surf the internet.

      This morning while typing into a text box similar to the one used here, my message disappeared along with the mouse pointer traveling everywhere within the box.

      Mcaffee says everything is under Control with scans.

      Could really use some help if someone would be kind enough ?

      I work with computers every day but this programing stuff is beyond me

      signing myself as truly a sweathog ):
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          Peter M
          The Inbound Events log shows who tried and failed to get in. The odd box behaviour is something I see from time to time. I've always put it down to a Windows/Resources issue and ignored it.
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            First thanks for the quick response. second I agree with stopping the attempts on the firewall (it is a good firewall). However writing off the glitch with the text editer box as a windows resource issue is unacceptable. On second look it is exactly the same as this edit box. So the problem is within the editor software that we are using to communicate as other social networking sites using this software.

            Clearly by clicking the links here I'm allowing the firewall to be dropped in order that you and I can communicate so it is not the security software as per se. But it is a security issue.

            Please don't say that this computer lacks resources, it has over 4 gig of ram, and this is a very conscious glitch having the ability to erase text and travel around the editor box and corners with purpose.

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              Peter M
              You had to lower security to post here? Then it wouldn't be surprising that things aren't acting normally if your security settings are set so tight. I still don't understand how this is a McAfee issue.

              Maybe I don't understand the question in the first place. There is always the free online chat where there are qualified technical support staff, we are just unpaid volunteers here.

              The only other reason for odd behaviour could be spyware on your machine so you could try running the free versions of these two tools:

              Let them clean everything they find.
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                Mouse pointer traveling all over the place might not be because of any security threat. I too had that problem because of the irregular surface below the mouse. Try having a thick notebook below your mouse as you mouse pad and check it.

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                  Peter M
                  As this thread is so old I'm locking it.