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    List of Fixes in Security Center 9.3

      I would be interested to know about the list of fixes in the security center v9.3 and any link to it would be highly welcomed.
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          Peter M
          There isn't one and they never release one even to us, sorry.

          All I can say is various tweaks and the introduction of "Active Protection" where VirusScan dials home for reference if it encounters something unknown, before sending up a warning.

          The next year's model may do away with Systemguards (we all hope) & may allow selection of areas to scan using autoscan (we've been asking for years, ever since VirusScan 7), also may allow you to ignore a detection (another thing we've been asking for, for years), but that's all we know.
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            Thank you for the prompt reply and are there any performance improvements in general as compared to v 9.0?
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              Peter M
              I honestly can't say as I haven't run any scans recently. I haven't heard anything on that from anyone else either. I don't think so.
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                I do feel that the latest version 9.3 does offer a lighter memory footprint as opposed to originally when I installed it a few days ago and seems so much responsive and does not seem to slowdown the PC and has awesome scanning speeds. It is nice to see a major change in performance overhaul from the version I used 2 years ago which had a lot of problems and caused my Windows installation to crash every now and then. Hats of to the guys for pulling of a remarkable product.
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                  Peter M
                  I'm sure they'll be glad to hear that. happy
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                    As SC 9.3 users, would you mind letting me know whether you're seeing a blank About screen in SC as per my post: I'd like to know if a hokey update is doing the rounds or what...?!


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                      I'm slowly becoming a convert from Norton. I still have 255 days left on my Norton Internet Security 2009 subscription.

                      There seems to be a paradigm shift in terms of what McAfee is detecting and what Norton ISN'T. There are a few things Norton is doing that are next generation and I hope McAfee takes a few cues from them.

                      Namely, NIS 2009 only takes up 8 megs of memory. And I LOVE the system idle time tasks, like scanning when you are away from the PC and doing all the other things it does in the background while away.

                      I haven't bought McAfee YET, but I am using it actively for the trial. There are some things that seem progressive, and yet for some reason McAfee FEELS old. I can't quite put my finger on it, but maybe the presentation and look of it just seems outdated.

                      Norton is slick and presented very nice, and shows everything at a glance without having to drive down through tabs or buttons.

                      If McAfee can nail down the memory footprint, and re-design the interface to be more user friendly, and keep up the detection rate, I think they would dominate the field.

                      McAfee if you're reading this, please get a copy of NIS2009 and take a look at it, although I'm sure you guys have already picked it apart. I want Norton's interface with McAfee's name on it happy Well, you know what I mean.
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                        Peter M
                        I am positive that they have copies of all the leading protection suites. They are aware of the footprint issue and I believe Sec. Center 10 may be better in that regard.
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                          I reckon McAfee's always been on the ball when it comes down to the footprint and system resources. Speaking from experience, even on low-powered machines, it's sufficiently adept to keep things moving without impacting your work...