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    msgina.dll + sbgina.dll problem

      Hi everybody,

      I´m using Safeboot version 5.1.7 and Windows XP SP3 and have a problem with msgina.dll as well as sbgina.dll.

      After removing lenovo fingerprint login software I get the error message in a error window
      "The DLL for Loginsurface (msgina.dll) wasn`t loaded"
      before the login window is showing up (Safeboot screen -> Windows logo screen -> blue screen -> error window).

      I used google to find a workaround and exchanged the msgina.dll (original version extracted from XP SP3), using the safe mode and the local administrator.
      That worked fine.

      But now I´m in big trouble!
      The error message is still there while booting in normal mode. (Still msgina.dll wasn´t loaded). But additionally I see the same error in safe mode now.

      I found some hints in this forum and wanted to start the safe mode to try out this hints, but after running the safe mode option I got the error message:
      "The DLL C:\...\SBGINA.DLL wasn´t loaded."

      The same error in normal as well as in safe mode.

      What should/could I do now?

      Thanks in advance for your help.