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    Slow Virus Defs Update - Change Options In Next Release?

      I have read many of the posts on this board and elsewhere about the problem of computers slowing during McAfee virus def updates. I have the same problem, and it is indeed frustrating to open up your laptop when you get to a hotel and have it instantly slow to a crawl. This download invariably seems to happen when I am in the middle of an afternoon project too. (2 GHz Pentium, 1.5 GB memory, XP Pro SP3, but happens on other family machines too.)

      I added extra memory and have now also just set the system to download and notify, but not install. That way I can do the update when I am done for the day, a good temporary fix. This leads to the question, might it be possible for these update installs to be scheduled during the overnight just like how some of us have our computer scan scheduled? Perhaps some sort of resources monitor could watch for when I have stepped away. Or, maybe just a less invasive means of doing the update to begin with?