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    New network connection

      I have a Linksys wireless home network of several computers all running McAfee Security Center 9. In the last week or so, a new Network Connection has shown in my "Manage Network" map. It shows as which I realize is a subnet mask - but it has not shown in the map before? I cannot ping it, but neither can I restrict it as an intruder (or even friend).

      Any idea what this new connection is? Do I need to be concerned?

      In case version number is needed:
      Security Center 9.3.137 3/3/09
      Firewall 10.3.106 3/4/09
      Easy Network 3.3.105 3/3/09
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          Vinod R

          I would not be bothered but run this tool and follow the on screen instructions this must refresh the network map( cache) and then you can re-assign it by trusting the n/w that you need...
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            Thanks Vinod. I just ran that and reset the network cache following the instructions with disconnected routers. All other computer devices (including other computers that are greyed out because they are not currently connected) allow me to mark them as friend or intruder.

            The device that showed up in the past week does not allow me to do anything but hide it (whatever it is, it is not currently connected as it is greyed out). I don't know whether it is something that has tried to gain access to my network (I cannot find any connection in the logs), how to block its access, or how to delete it from my network map.