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    Why I'm Mad With McAfee

      I'm sorry for posting this on a message board, but it seems McAfee doesn't have direct email so I'll have to do this here. Any McAfee administrators, please forward to the appropriate people. Others, please just continue to the next post unless you want to read my flames.

      I am using McAfee VirusScan Plus 2009. My version includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, Two-Way Firewall, Web Site Safety Ratings, and Anti-Theft.

      The program automatically downloads and installs updates, but only when I turn on my computer. This slows down the computer and delays me from using it. I want the update and installation to happen as I shut the computer down, like microsoft updates, so that I don't have to wait. There's no option for that. Another good idea would be to make this a task I can schedule, so I can set it to run when the computer is left idle.

      The program runs its full system scan regularly, but I can't find the way to change that time. Instead, sometimes when I turn on my computer, I find that the computer is slowed because my full system scan has decided to run. The McAfee scheduling tool only schedules "Clean" and "Defragment", not the full system scan. I want this scan to run automatically when my computer is idle for more than an hour, or when I shut the computer down, not when I first turn on the computer. I end up sitting here, with my arms folded, waiting for my email to download while McAfee ties up my computer with updates and a full system scan.

      McAfee repeatedly warns me that I have unprotected computers on my home network. My home network consists of two computers, a printer, and two modems. McAfee's software shows my printer and modems as unknown computers, and repeatedly warns me to protect them; why can't I name the devices and let you know they're not computers? As it is, you're just annoying me.

      I would have simply sent an email but that option isn't available on the web site; instead it directs you to the Technical Advisor or to a Chat. I don't want to chat, I just want to tell someone about the problem. Why have a button marked "Chat or Email" when there is no way to actually Email someone?

      Now, please feel free to send me automated emails so that I can be confirmed that McAfee doesn't really care.

      Thank you,
      Jeff Brown
      Email removed for your safety