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    home based windows web server 2003 sp2

      home based windows web server 2003 sp2 iis6
      I am atempting to run a home hosted website, but in the absence of a security suite I am unable to go live for fear of infections and the like. Q is there a product within the
      Mcafee range that would cater for protection to the gateway allowing visitors to the hosted website but will offer an element of protection to the local side of the server for example virus,trojan,hackers,rootkits,worms.
      Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
      Thanks in anticipation netjumper
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          Peter M
          The home products are not compatible with server environments. The Corporate/Enterprise products are though, but they involve purchasing multiple licenses. You should be asking Customer Service as this board is for technical support mainly.
          See the link at the top of this page, second from the left.
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            Hi exbrit
            I did actualy visit the Mcafee site to do exactly that but the sales contact form does not address questions relative of deployment to individual circumstances hence my attempt to obtain guidance from knowledgeable people such as yourself.
            Thank you for your input

            incidently...... also I went to the corperate section of this forum and there is an entry
            implying that that forum is not taking any more threads. so I decided to use this forum as
            a start point for the thread. It looks as if my input brought a quick response
            thanks again.:)
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              Peter M
              Well, we aren't really au fait with sales questions here although I can't speak for Corporate which is at the foot of the main forum page.

              You can call Customer Service in France, which is where I believe you are.


              Telephone Customer Service[/B]

              Pour parler à un représentant du service client, appelez le 01 70200008. Il vous sera peut-être demandé votre adresse électronique enregistrée et votre numéro de commande. Des frais téléphoniques peuvent être facturés.
              Délai d’attente estimé : 10-30 minutes
              Heures d’ouverture : 09.00-18.00 local, Lundi à vendredi

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                Regardless of whether or not you are unpaid volenteers you represent the Mcafee organisation and that purely on that bases it is not good relations to dictate how and why,
                however but to guide someone on any issue whithout the sarcastic remarks, I am English
                that is why I am visiting an English Forum, Making remarks that i should refer my enquiries to the French forum when it is obviouse that would cause language issues.
                however considering the manner in which you have addressed my question I think I shall
                look elseware for my security

                There are plenty of security suite manufacturers.
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                  Peter M
                  I was not being sarcastic at all. We do not deal with sales questions here. I don't know how many ways I can say that without starting to sound sarcastic.

                  Your IP address resolved to France so I naturally assumed that the French Customer Service would be the best equipped to serve you.

                  I have already stated that the home products do not work with server setups, and the Enterprise products do. We have no expertise in those products here at all, sorry.