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    No internet connect using DSL connection

      im not totally wonderful at computers!

      I think i ave got this McAfee I brought it in Jan 09, so its only couple of months old. It was working fine with a wireless connection. I am now at university and using a DSL cable (? think thats what they are called?) the ones you plug in to gain access to the university internet connection.
      McAfee now tells me it can not find an internet connection... does anyone know how to sort this.

      It cant update and is saying the signature files are out of date. this problem has already crashed my dell laptop and cost me money to fix!!!

      thanks xxx
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          Vinod R

          If you are in a university most probably you have a proxy setup on the network and that can cause real problem with Consumer version of McAfee. You may need to speak with the university IT people ( probably they have an Enterprise Edition of an Anti-virus solution with them.. McAfee or other... which they might want the campus users to make use)