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    removing unnecassary file groups

      When we originally installed the MEE software onto our server we chose what looked like appropriate options but have some pointless filegroups. If I remove them can wanted ones be re added later without starting again?

      presumably this one is necessary for a UK keyboard?

      EEPC51 LANG: English United Kingdom/USA (PreBoot, Keyboard, Windows)

      I was going to remove these

      EEPC51 OPTION: Exclude Sector 59 for NEC Compatibility
      EEPC51 OPTION: Tests for Computrace presence
      EEPC51 OPTION: WACOM Active Tablet Pen Driver
      EEPC51 THEME000: Additional CJK Support

      Also can someone explain what these do and where they might be needed?

      EEPC51 OPTION: Update MBR for Endpoint Encryption for PC compatibility
      EEPC51 OPTION: Update number of sides reported in the OS boot sector

      It still works if you don't include either of these so presumably this just adds pretty icons

      EEPC51 Theme213: Endpoint Encryption for PC McAfee Theme

      and this adds widescreen support?

      EEPC51 Theme212: Endpoint Encryption for PC McAfee Extended Resolutions Theme