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    updates, not protected, Fixed, ... and fixed

      Today, 2 March 0930 CET (+1GMT) I turned on the computer and McAfee displayed a 'new updates have been installed' (or something like that) and a few seconds later, 'your computer is not fully protected' (or something like that).

      I 'Fixed' the computer and that was that; the 'fix' stuck to the hard drive. The two modules affected were 'Computer and Files' and 'E-Mail and IM'.

      No problem per se except that I am forced to manually 'Fix' the computer. Just passing this on.

      Vista Home Premium (SP1)
      Security Center 9.3.137
      VirusScan 13.3.115
      Personal Firewall 10.3.106
      SiteAdvisor 2.9.242
      Anti-Spam 10.3.109
      PerentalControls 11.3.103