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    Security Centre 9 Unprotected - Not solved

      There was a thread going regards issues with Security Centre throwing up a message about being unprotected after updates. It has been moved to solved issues but as far as I am concerned it is not solved. It is clearly related to a McAfee update from early February and it is seriously starting to annoy me. I have had couple of updates which have worked fine but the last two including yesterday's (27 Feb) updated and then froze my system for about 20 seconds and then switched off the protection to everything barring the Firewall. I click Fix and everything is OK. The Dat file is current but there is clearly a glitch in the updating.
      Tech Support is next to useless and MVT shows nothing wrong with the system. I mostly update with no other programs open but it does not make a difference.
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          Peter M
          Have you tried deleting the content of the DAT folder and then updating as described in that other thread?

          Did you try uninstall, cleanup with MCPR and reinstall?

          It would also help if you posted what steps you have taken already and what operating system, service pack this is.
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            Ex_Brit, yes, I have tried renaming the DAT folder and updating but as I already stated my DAT file was current and the details in the other thread mentioned the DAT file being out of date.
            System is XP with SP2.

            I have not uninstalled and reinstalled as this seems to be a stock response to a lot of things. It's up there with turn it off and switch it back on again. McAfee switches off my protection after updating and then I'm supposed start uninstalling everything on the off chance that it might solve the problem.

            I appreciate that you are a volunteer and are just trying to help but after Tech Support trying to fob me off with their paid-for service to remove a non-existent virus my patience is wearing a little thin.
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              Peter M
              The point about deleting the content of the DAT folder was nothing to do with an out of date file, rather a corrupted one. That way the file got purged and replaced. I would try it at least. Update immediately afterwards, or click "Fix".

              Often the only route is to do the uninstall, MCPR removal tool routine and then reinstall. It cures a lot of issues. I would try that too.

              Have you been using any registry cleaners lately? They cause havoc with programmes like McAfee.

              It's the weekend now so there is only us volunteers available here. The Technical Support Chat is free and available 24/7. At least they can escalate the issue.

              By the way, in less than 1 years time XP SP2 will be obsolete so I recommend you upgrade to SP3 a.s.a.p. There is help with that here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=220807
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                I have done everything that has been suggested over and over again. And for a few moments the computer is protected and then like magic the box opens and says I am not protected.

                OK... from the top what I have done this time.

                #1 I reformatted my hard drive, and then reinstalled Windows XP Pro with SP3

                #2 I then installed McAfee Total protection.

                #3 I then installed Firefox 3.0.7


                And the not protected error comes up.

                What is wrong?


                Also I went to the "Shield's UP" site, and at least know the firewall is working perfectly

                Another problem, NOW all of a sudden I can see the type in the information boxes but NONE of the graphics show up.

                This is becoming more than just a major problem.
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                  Peter M
                  I think it best to open a case with Technical Support Chat, as they can go into your machine if necessary. They can also escalate the problem to a higher level.