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    Problem with OE 6.0

      Can someone please help me? I did a search and couldn't find this particular problem.

      I have:

      Security Center 9.3
      Build 9.3.137
      AffID 105

      Virus Scan 13.3
      Build 13.3.115

      Site Advisor 2.9
      Build 2.9.242

      Windows XP Version 2002 SP2

      Zone Alarm Free Firewall

      When I had an older version of McAfee I was having an isssue with my OE. I would open the program and my new e-mails will download but when I open up each e-mail to read them, the window pops up as usual but there is no body to the e-mail. The "from" and the "to" and the subject of the mail is there but the place where the body of the mail usually is, is blank. My cursor shows an hourglass as if it is trying to load the e-mail but it never does.

      I cannot even type a new e-mail to anyone. I can click "reply" or on someone in my address book and the e-mail opens up, but I cannot even get a cursor to type out the letter. If I type anything out, it doesn't show on the screen

      I asked tech support about this and was told to remove my previous version (did that with add/remove programs and the removal tool) and update to the versions I listed above and I still have the exact same problem.

      I have to restart my computer and then all is back to normal but if I close out of OE and reopen it again, the problem returns. So, I basically have to reboot every time I want to use my OE for e-mail

      PLEASE, can someone help me with this?

      Thanks so much!
        • 1. Problem with OE 6.0

          This issue is related to McAfee site advisor.

          Follow the steps below
          Under McAfee site advisor toolbar click on general setting >> advanced setting >>uncheck “ Encrypted site advisor communication (SSL)”
          Check if the issue is fixed if not Uninstall the McAfee site advisor only and Reinstall.
          • 2. RE: Problem with OE 6.0
            The only place I see a Site Advisor toolbar is in my Internet Explorer (Not anywhere on my Outlook Express). Is it supposed to be in OE somewhere?

            When I look at the setting you have discribed in my Internet Explorer however, this box is already unchecked.
            • 3. Problem with OE 6.0

              Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the Site advisor alone? If not follow the steps below:

              1. Click Start-Control panel and Open Add/Remove programs, Select McAfee Security Center and Click Change/Remove, Check only the siteadvisor and remove it. Restart the computer.

              2. Login to your McAfee account and try to download the McAfee. Select the customize option before the download and select the siteadvisor to install.
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                Peter M
                You should also be updating to SP3 a.s.a.p. for safety and smoother running of your system.

                There is plenty of help for that on the web and we have a good section on it here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=220807