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    SystemGuard protection disabled - over & over

      About every couple hours it says "Your computer is not protected," down in the corner by the taskbar icons. I open Security Center and it says "SystemGuard protection is disabled." I click fix and it fixes it. The same thing occurs again, 4 or 5 times a day. A virus scan found nothing. Could I have a new virus or trojan or something it's not finding yet? (I also have Webroot Spy Sweeper which also found nothing.)

      I have Security Center 8.1 with VirusScan 12.1 and Personal Firewall 9.1. Language en_us.
      Here's my PC info:
      Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3 on HP Pavilion a1540n w/ AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200, w/ 2048 MB Ram, 250 GB HD.
      I'm using Firefox 3.0.6 and Outlook Express 6.

      Thank you.
        • 1. RE: SystemGuard protection disabled - over & over
          I'm just a user like you, but there seems to be an ... issue with McAfee updates and the same thing you're experiencing. Look through a few threads here on page 1. You're not alone.
          • 2. That's just insane.
            I read the suggestions below; they want me to try disabling every single service running on my computer one at a time and wait a few hours for each one to see if it happens again - then tell them which program they're not compatible with. Do you have any idea how many hours that would take? Weeks. No one I know can afford to tie up their computer that long. I've already wasted more time on this than I can afford, and now it's happening again. If it's a known issue, McAfee should fix it in their program, not ask their customers to go bankrupt trying to solve if for them.
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              I can't preclude that your older version is somewhat incompatible with the DAT updates or the McAfee servers. Actually, I had this problem when I used your version. The most current version is SecurityCenter 9.0 or 9.3 etc. I don't know if you can upgrade to this version, if you got it from Dell or certain other companies you may be stuck with this version. If you want to try a reinstall from your online account, don't forget to use MCPR and the other instructions for removal and installation that can be found somewhere on this forum.

              Actually, you are posting under SecurityCenter 9.0. 2009. Why, if you have SecurityCenter 8.1 ? :)

              Btw: I wouldn't use 'FIX', but reenable the system guards myself. You may have to set the warning to 'ignore' before you can do that. And don't forget to undo the 'ignore' afterwards. I have learnt that it's better not to use 'FIX', and deal with the problem yourself. (If you know what you're doing)
              • 4. Systemguard disabled and won't update.

                The problems not whether I know what I'm doing - I'm relying on McAfee to know what they're doing, because I can't afford to spend more time trying to fix these problems or searching forums. I ran the Virtual Technician and it found no problems.

                But seriously, thanks for replying, I appreciate it more than I can express while I'm frustrated.
                • 5. Its back......
                  :mad: Need I say more. I've had no problems with the dreaded "SystemGuard Protection is Disabled" and "Your computer is not protected" for several months. Then this week it re-appeared. This is getting rather tedious. For those of you suffering from this malady, don't forget to manually enable your SystemGuard protection after you "FIX" it. Because "FIX" does NOT re-enable SystemGuard.

                  Why would this issue suddenly reappear after so many months? I last had problems with this last September. Prior to that I had the problem in May when McAfee first rolled out Security Center 8.1. AND this was on a purchased license, not via Comcast.

                  Later when Comcast updated to 8.1, this started occurring on my primary computer.

                  Why now...what configuration of the stars and planets started this reoccurrence?
                  • 6. RE: Its back......

                    Same here. But why would you use 'FIX' after manually enabling the systemguards ?
                    • 7. RE: Its back......

                      You need to do both to get rid of the annoying yellow icon.
                      • 8. RE: Its back......

                        Strange, that doesn't happen to me.

                        But first I set the warning to ignore, then reenable the systemguards, followed by 'unignoring' the warning. (All done in the 'advanced' menu)

                        (Security Center 9.0 etc.)
                        • 9. Now same thing in 9.3.
                          A few days ago the automatic updates ran for hours and finally it says I have version 9.3. But now it gets the Systemguard disabled messages again!
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