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    System Unprotected

      I added another license to my McAfee. I have Security Center 9.3.37.

      When I start up the computer it shows my being protected. Throughout the time I'm on-line it goes to unprotected and I must fix it. It will not stay in a protected mode.

      I ran the technician application. It shows a problem with mcshield - processes and services.

      I am using Windows XP Home and have SP3 installed. All my updates are current.

      Any idea what I need to do to keep my McAfee protected? I have no problem on my other desktop. This is getting very frustrating!
        • 1. system unprotected

          Please check if you have .net frame works 3.5 in add/remove programs.
          If not try updating windows.
          Have you ever used any other security program?
          If so please run the related tools to remove the traces.
          Do a full scan with McAfee.
          Check the DAT Version.
          Do disk defragmentation.
          Disk clean up.
          Check if you find any difference
          • 2. Update
            I checked on the things you suggested but I continue to go to an "unprotected" mode. I then have to "fix" it and get back to protected for a time before it goes back to unprotected.

            All my Windows XP files are up to date.
            I defragged the hd.
            I removed a portion of the prior Norton program that I discovered via the add/remove software applications (this did not help).

            Should I try removing McAfee and trying to reinstall again?

            I didn't have these problems with Norton. Only poor pc performance problems caused by Norton. I wanted to save money by paying for a second license with McAfee and not have to pay Norton another $49. Now I regret my decision.

            • 3. Update

              Please clarify,

              Are you able to update the McAfee?
              Did you had any issue with pop-ups regarding the verify subscription?

              Steps can be tried:
              Run the MSCPRXFIX.exe. Tool http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MSCPRXFIX.exe.
              I would appreciate if you can perform the McAfee Virtual Technician scan in the computer give us the Session ID number.
              Please revert back to me if the issue persists
              • 4. Update
                Thanks for your quick response.

                I ran the virtual technician program. My session ID # is: 16010370. It fixed one problem (1 process not running) but couldn't fix the other (1 service not running).

                McAfee properly updates on my machine. My DAT folder shows the file # 5536.0.

                • 5. Follow Up
                  I have not had any problems regarding verify the subscription. (no pop-ups)