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    Security Center 9.0 not fully protected

      I see this other individuals but can not determine the resolution. I recently renewed my McAfee in December 2008. I believe all the McAfee software is up to date. When ever the PC is powered up, McAfee always shows that I am not fully protected. When I check the status, 95% if the time it shows that I am fully protected. Every once in a while it shows that the system files and IM/Email needs fixing which I do.

      Today I rebooted my PC Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 and received the not fully protected message. I checked the status which now shows that I am fully protected. I went to the internet and McAfee pops up and says I am not fully protected. Checking the status showed I am fully protected. I ran your virtual diagnostics from your web site and again it showed I am fully protected.

      My PC is very slow after the upgrade. Accessing the internet seems to have been affected with these new releases.

      Why am I getting these "not fully protected" messages?

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          Please clarify/ try the following:

          • Are you using McAfee for the 1st time, if so did you use any other security software in the computer?

          • If you have used some other security software was that removed completely from the computer?

          • How old is your computer? You may also try to run a check disk to make sure there are no issues with your computer’s hard drive

          • To run a check disk> Open My Computer> Right click on the Local Disk C:\> Click on Properties> Click on Tools> Click on Error-checking Check Now> Make a check mark on all available areas> Click on Start> Click on Ok and reboot your computer, so the check disk will automatically start
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            I have used McAfee with my Dell PC since purchasing over 2+ years ago. This is the only security software product on my PC.

            I ran CHKDSK with no errors reported.

            When turning on my PC today, a download was being performed. It appeared to be VIRUSSCAN. Afterwards my PC showed that I was unprotected. System files and IM/Email needed fixing. I selected FIX and an error message was displayed: "One or more problems cannot be fixed because of an error". After selecting OK, McAfee shows that I am fully protected. Recent events only show that "Real tie virus protection was enabled". My software was updated from the internet when I renewed my software maintenance in December.

            I still need help.
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              Can you provide the version for McAfee product (open security center ->click on about in bottom right hand panel-> Build version for each product)?
              Did you have experience any pop-us or alert in the system?
              Did you made any change to the computer?

              Steps can be tried:

              Performed the MVT (McAfee Virtual technician) in the system link is http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp

              Try to perform the Malware removal tool: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php and remove any detected files make sure you remove the Malware bytes from the system once you complete the Scan.

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                Security Center 9.0
                Virus Scan 13.0
                Personal Firewall 10.0
                Site Advisor 2.9
                Anti-Spam 10.0
                Parental Controls 11.0

                I ran McAfee Virtual Technician before and again after your response. No problesm were found either time. The MALWARE removal tool appears not to be a McAfee product. Since multiple individuals are having this problem, why do I need to use their product and not yours? I responded to another individual thread who has the exact same problem.
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                  I do certainly agree with your statement. However, the reason for us to recommend that free software is to run a scan in your computer and to make sure there are no other malware infections.
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                    Marking this thread as 'Assumed Answered' and locking it. As it s over 8 years old.