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    My McAfee Update download manager broken?

      I have been unable to download the latest McAfee Update file since Feb. 6 over my slow dial-up (28.8). When my ISP server times out after 3 hours, or if I have to close the connection (it's my only phone line), the McAfee download is lost and does NOT resume where it left off, but instead starts over at 0% every time I disconnect/reconnect. Windows XP installed Service Pack 3 on Jan. 31, which may or may not be relevant to my current problem (after that, I received one McAfee Virus Scan update and 2 Windows updates have downloaded and installed successfully).
      In all the years I've had McAfee the Update RESUMED where it left off. But this update, which will take my computer 5 or 6 hours to download, will never finish because my ISP's server is hard-wired with a session timeout after 3 hours.
      I've tried the normal "Support" channels several times, including Virtual Technician, which tells me that I need the DAT file, which I already know, and Chat support, which "fails" repeatedly, and yes, I turned OFF all pop-up blockers and ad blockers. Also, my computer won't load the Community Forums windows, so I'm sending this from a different computer.
      Can someone tell me how I can get back to the good old days when McAfee downloads resumed where they left off at the last connection?
      McAfee Security Center 9.3.137
      Virus Scan Plus 13.3.115
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          Please clarify the below:

          1. Check the McAfee Security center version. To check the Version Right click on the Mcafee Icon Displayed on the right bottom corner
          2. Clear the Temp folders and prefetch , To delete the Temp folders Click on Start and click on run Type %temp% ,Temp, Prefetch and select all the folders and delete
          3. Clear cookies , files and browsing history from internet explorer options
          4. Run the MSCPRXFIX.EXE tool link for the tool http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MSCPRXFIX.exe.
          5. Inorder to get the mcafee updates regularly we need to connect to the internet on daily basis
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            Security Ctr: 9.3.139 (last updated 1/28/09)
            Virus Scan: 13.3.115 (last updated 2/4/09), Engine: 5300.2777

            I deleted browser history and moved all the temp files I could to the Recycle Bin, but %temp% would not let me delete or move Perflib_Perfdate_990.dat and Temp would not let me delete mcmsc_....... because they were in use. I ran MSCPRXFIX.exe and restarted the computer (the fix file has a date of 2006--is it the latest one???). Anyway, after several tries, the McAfee download is still starting over every time I connect/reconnect.
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              You can make the McAfee update manually instead of the Automatic (Open Security center->Click on configure button in the bottom right hand panel –turn off the Automatic update) which will help you to update the McAfee detection signature files. But make sure that you don’t work with any other application in the Internet
              You can also try with update tool https://us.mcafee.com/root/McAfeeUpdate.exe
              • If you receive a "File download security warning", click yes.
              • Click Save to download the file to a location on your computer.
              • Ensure you close all applications that are running on your computer.
              • Navigate to the location where the file was saved.
              • Double-click McAfeeUpdate.exe to run the tool.
              • Navigate to the location where the file was saved.
              • Double-click McAfeeUpdate.exe to run the tool.
              • Restart your computer when prompted. This is a necessary step.
              • After restarting your computer, McAfee will check for updates automatically. Please wait for these updates to complete.

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                Thanks for trying to help with this. Unfortunately, I've already tried turning Automatic off, but still have the problem of the update NOT resuming where it left off. So I will try running the mcafeeupdate.exe file.
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                  I downloaded and ran McAfeeUpdate.exe, and Restarted when prompted. A box popped up and said I had to connect to the Internet and I tried, but I couldn't connect until after I checked OK to the McAfee box, and by the time I was connected, the McAfeeUpdate.exe seems to have forgotten what it was doing, because nothing happened. I had to go to Security Center and click on Update, and then the whole horrible nightmare began again, with Update downloading until I disconnected and then starting over from the beginning when I reconnected.
                  This is unbelievable. I might have to call Customer Service and request a refund for the remaining months of my subscription. Why has McAfee always successfully resumed the download in the past, but now it cannot do so???
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                    Peter M
                    According to our conference call today this should not be happening. The download manager should resume from where it has left off if the connection is broken temporarily. It appears that this is a Windows caching issue rather than a fault at McAfee's end.
                    • 7. Should I give up on McAfee?
                      Can you explain what might be causing a "windows caching problem"? And why would it have just started after so many years of using McAfee?

                      I contacted Microsoft, who of course said the problem was with McAfee. Out of total desperation I uninstalled Windows Service Pack 3, but there was no difference.

                      Also out of desperation, I paid for an Internet connection that I knew would not time-out (same slow phone line), and the McAfee download actually got up to 70%, and then started over ON ITS OWN, even though I was still connected. When I reconnected, McAfee bounced back to 0%.

                      Could Firefox have anything to do with this? I updated to 3.0.6 just before this started happening, though I still use IE also. I'm just clutching at straws, because this has been wasting so much of my time.

                      I know I'm not the only one who has had downloads starting over at 0% repeatedly. Has anyone else been able to fix theirs?
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                        Peter M
                        I have no idea why, I was only passing on what I was told. Obviously what things are supposed to do differs from reality. I think Technical Support Chat would be better equipped to answer all your questions.

                        Your ISP may practice "Traffic Shaping" although at the relatively low bandwidth they obviously think people can tolerate I'd be surprised if they do. They would never admit to you if they did anyway.

                        There was no need to uninstall SP3 - it has no bearing on this. Reinstall it a.s.a.p. Guidelines for that here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=220807

                        I would use the Tech. Support Chat, link in my signature. If you get no joy with the first person ask him/her to escalate it.