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    How to Exclude files from Scan

      I am using McAfee security Center through Comcast. Hardware is Dell Optiplex 330. Op sys is MS XP Pro v2002 SP2. I have run all Dell daignostics and hardware seems fine. I am having all sorts of problems with programs runnig slow. ACT (a database) is my biggest problem. In searching ACT tech support they suggest that I turn off the auto scanning of ACT files by McAfee every time they are opened or accessed. This sounds like a great idea to me but I cannot find any way to tell McAfee what not to scan. Can anyone help?
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          excluding files in scanning is one feature that the home products still haven't got... the realtime scanner of mcafee will surely scan files/programs that are opened/accessed...

          we are hoping that engineers could integrate this feature in the home products as well...
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            I hope this feature does happen as i have some programs i like to use and mcafee detects them as trojan but there false alerts as i have had the progam set to virustotal and only 3 antivirus programs detects this but all giving different virus names and the other reason is because it edits data to a file PLEASE ADD FILE EXCLUSTION as a lot of stuff i use has all been deleted because of false alerts if not this at least a popup saying do you trust this file


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              Hi Danny,

              Sorry that we currently do not have the feature of excluding files for scan in our current version & if you are preferring this majorly for a false detection , please do submit those file for McAfee labs and after analysis if found legitimate they would not be detected in upcoming scans .  For instructions on how to submit a file to McAfee labs, please see document.






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                I am trying to exclude backup files on an attached drive when performong my weekly full scan. Scan takes almost 18 hours because of the number of daily backup files on my external drive. Conversely, is there a way to exclude drives from the scan short of unplugging it?


                Thanks for your help

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                  Hi Kevlarhear42,

                  Unfortunately, we do not have this option in the current version of McAfee programs.




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                    Hi kevlarheart42,


                    The recent beta of the latest version of our product, allows users to exclude files and folders from custom or scheduled scan. You can access the beta from: http://beta.mcafee.com/betamcafee/package.aspx?&packageID=1. Once this latest version is launched, you will automatically get upgraded to the latest version and reaps it benefit as long as you have an active subscription and haven't changed your default update settings.